Do you have extreme mindsets?

Some people have mindsets that that swing from one extreme to another.  Either things are all good or all bad.  They cannot seem to find the in between and are constantly either thinking that things must be all great all the time or it’s a catastrophe and they experience a meltdown.

They get very overwhelmed if things are not going the way they imagined, and it often takes some pacifying by someone else to calm them down.  Some of these people also have perfectionistic tendencies and if their ducks are not all lined up in a row, they procrastinate or not get things done at all.  After that, they beat themselves up for not doing what they wanted to do.

Once there is a pattern of these things in people’s lives, it is difficult to find some balance.  Finding balance means not living in a mindset of the two extremes but accepting that sometimes things are great and sometimes we encounter hurdles in life.  Hurdles are never a pleasant experience, but it is those very hurdles that help us come up with solutions and personal growth takes place as a result.

The key is in how we handle things and being able to bounce back from setbacks.  If you are finding yourself stuck in these unhealthy mindsets, coaching can help.  Together we can explore those patterns and find ways of becoming a more balanced person.  We can journey together to look at new options and directions to help you overcome these extremist mindsets and develop new and more helpful ones.  If you would like support, please contact me either by email or telephone.


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