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There are eight main areas of life that people might seek improvement in, which include relationships, health, home environment, career, emotional wellness, finances, fun and leisure, and personal growth.  Whenever one or more of these areas are out of balance, people seek the help of a life coach.

Life coaching helps clients make the desired changes in specific areas and the results include more life satisfaction, improved health and wellbeing, improved work/life balance, healthy boundaries, self-confidence, resilience, and a happier, more positive outlook.

FAQ's about Life Coaching

What's the difference between life coaching and counselling?

Life coaching is not counselling, even though there are similarities.  Counselling uses therapeutic modalities and looks into the client's past whereas coaching focuses on the present and future.  Counselling helps emotionally fragile clients work through their struggles and problems.  

In contrast, Life Coaching is for clients that are emotionally healthy, but are not satisfied in their current situation and wish to make changes to achieve a dream or goal such as; changing careers, improving relationships, managing change, creating new habits, establishing healthy boundaries or embarking on a healthy lifestyle.  Other examples might include; managing finances better, improving work/life balance and overcoming negative patterns.   

Life coaching looks at life purpose, life satisfaction and personal values as well as working with clients on their personal growth and development. 

What to expect in coaching?

In our coaching sessions you will receive support in exploring personal goals and challenges, and be listened to with sensitivity, empathy and a non-judgmental attitude. It is my hope to create a safe place in which you can be yourself and freely express your feelings. We will look at different ideas, explore different possibilities and you will be encouraged to make your own decisions as we plan and set goals together.

We will explore thoughts, feelings and responses which enables you to get to know yourself better. We will also look at new options and directions you might like to take. You will receive support to make the changes you wish to make. You may also be referred to other services if needing input outside my area of expertise.

Coaching is not advice giving.  As a Life Coach, I hold the belief that people are the experts of their own lives and are capable of making their own decisions.  Life coaching offers support for clients to make the changes they desire.

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